Are You Losing Fish Because Your Hook Isn’t Sharp?

Are You Losing Fish Because Your Hook Isn’t Sharp?

One of the things many fishermen neglect is hook care. Have you ever lost a big fish that was on and wondered why? Maybe, your hook wasn’t sharp.

If you fish brushpiles, gravel beds, rockpiles, log jams, bridge pilings, timber and boat docks you need to check your hooks for sharpness. A sharpening tool should be a regular part of your tackle box. If you’re on your way to fish and don’t have a sharpener go to a drug store and get a diamond-dust nail file at a drug store. It’s important to check your hooks sharpness every time you get snagged.


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Here is the way I test my hooks for sharpness:
Grab the shank of the hook in one hand and gently put the point on your thumbnail, don’t apply any force or pressure whatsoever. Now, try and move the hook across your thumbnail, if the point digs in then the hook is sharp.

I also use this method for my pocket knife to test it’s sharpness.

Sharp hooks can make your fishing trip a success or failure. The big one doesn’t have to get away when you have a sharp hook.